Morocco: The Land of Surprises

We were told to be prepared for some surprises from Morocco. We have not landed yet and I have experienced several.
1) Snow covered mountain peaks along the northern coast.
2)Eating cold smoked fish.
3) expecting to land in Rabat but instead arriving in Casablanca which is a two hour drive from Rabat.
It has already been an adventure. Looking forward to what tomorrow holds.




  1. Lori Rosa

    Have fun! This is sure to be an exciting trip. I Can’t wait to read and share your blogs.

  2. I too am looking forward to reading about your great adventure. It sounds like it’s already off to an “interesting” start. By open to what life might bring!

  3. Kathy Richardson

    If you run into Sam in Casablanca, ask him to play it again. Enjoy the ride!

    • Haha…love it. Unfortunately we were bearded onto buses then waited a long time for the driver to feel ready and then headed to Rabat. The only part of Casablanca that we saw were the extremely poor communities on the outskirts. It reminded me of what we saw in South Africa and made me very grateful for home. We will go back tomorrow to see more of the city.

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  4. Suzanne Lavoie

    Glad to hear that you arrived safely. Enjoy the ride and the expeience.

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