A Day of Learning

It is strange learning about a country which is thousands of years old rather than hundreds and in order to learn about its culture you must begin by talking about the Phonecians! America is just an infant compared to Morocco. I am also surprised by the amount of diversity and acceptance of other cultures that is a part of Morocco. Morocco has been influenced by cultures from Europe, the Middle East and numerous sub Saharan countries not to mention the obvious influence of the west, specifically the US. Like the US, Morocco is a melting pot of languages, religions, cultural values, music, etc. We were surprised to learn that Christians and Muslims all celebrate Christmas, valentines day, Halloween. They even have Santa Claus.
We visited with the Minister of Education and discovered that although Morocco has a long history their educational system is not very developed. Compulsory education is new and there are no special services for students. Everyone takes the same classes and all must pass the same National exams. If one does not pass then he/she leaves empty handed.

Ministry of education

Now for the fun: Shopping in the Medina…so much fun trying to barter with people who don’t speak English. However, there is no way that I would ever let a language barrier prevent me from getting a good deal on some beautiful gifts.



Some amazing mosaic tiles

My hotel and below is my garden terrace…not too shabby



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  1. Lori Rosa

    The pictures look great but is there any way to make them all large? Not that I’m complaining or anything! By the way, did you make any purchases in the market? Some nice rugs?

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