Day 3:Moroccan education

We spent a lot of time in presentations regarding the educational system and for all of you who think our system is a mess, it still has many strengths. Morocco has more than a 30 percent illiteracy rate and 90 percent of the students do not complete high school. The educational system has to work in multiple languages and there is a tremendous teacher shortage. The problems are even worse in the rural areas where students live so far away from the schools that they simply cannot get to school everyday.

I did have one uncomfortable experience today. As we loaded the bus I chose the seat by the open door. A beggar man came right up to the door and began yelling at us but since I was right by the door he was directly in my face. One of the teachers in our group handed him a tin of Altoids which he seemed to like because he quieted down and moved away. Once he left the man who gave him the Altoids said he thought the beggar was our bus driver who was mad because we all had mints and we had not offered him one. The Altoids were not returned. This type of event is quite common and can be very disturbing. Poverty is everywhere here. In the medina yesterday I saw many beggars. Many were blind, or handicapped, or children, or disfigured,etc. It is certainly not the nicer side of Morocco.

Here are some pictures from the top of one of the administrative offices we were in today. These are pictures of Rabat.



Finally our day ended with a trip to a craft market in Sale. What beautiful items they sold and we purchased!

I also wanted to share with you some of the unbelievable food we have been enjoying. It has been overwhelming. Lunch is 3 courses and dinners are 4 or 5 courses. Today for lunch I had a salad with goat cheese, beef stroganoff, and chocolate and caramel mousse. I was still so full that dinner was a struggle. No worries about us being hungry.




Tomorrow we are off to Casablanca, where I hope to hear Sam play it again!



  1. Tara Sackett

    So glad you are having such a wonderful experience (except for the begger)!! Glad to hear our educational system is OK. Your food looks delish!! Good luck on the rest of your trip!!

  2. Tara Sackett

    *beggar :/

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