Count our blessings

Yesterday I visited a private school and was in awe of the beautiful facilities. Yet as we began touring the school, I noticed a tremendous lack of equipment. Classrooms have bare walls, and a chalkboard. There was ONE microscope which they couldn’t find. The science supplies that they have would not have covered my front desk. They have a room for a library which is the size of our DL room but they do not have one single book. They did have one computer lab with perhaps 15 computers but none in the classroom. If you want to show something using a computer you have to bring in your own computer and projector!

This morning we went to the public school that has about 2000 students. I do not have words to describe to you the conditions in which these students and teachers are working. Chalk boards, no chalk, desks with broken chairs with wood slivers or metal posts sticking out, garbage and dirt everywhere, walls or stairs breaking apart, rusted out sinks, etc. You simply cannot imagine it unless you see it for yourself. Yet despite it all, the students and teachers are so friendly and they are thrilled that we are here. They are so appreciative of every bit of education that they are getting. They asked if America is like what they see in the movies. We said that it depends on the movie and they suggested Twilight. I laughed and said that I didn’t know many vampires.

It was interesting that in the public school all of the girls have to wear what looks like white lab coats as a uniform but not the boys. No one really explained why but that is the way it is.

It just started to rain and everyone is thrilled. I hope for them it is a good soaking rain.

The rest of my afternoon was spent at two orphanages. These children, many of which have disabilities, were left on the street by their mothers because being an unmarried mother is forbidden. It was heartbreaking to see these beautiful children and know that they will spend the rest of their lives in this institution. Imagine only getting to go outside to play twice a week. I posted some of the pictures from my day with them. They were fascinated with the iPod and thought Talking Tom was hysterical.

I will give you some hints about where I am going this weekend…can anyone figure it out? It is about two and a half hours from here to the north. It is famous for its shopping and you can ride camels or go skiing. We might even find goats climbing Argon trees.(That I truly hope to see!). It is also famous for its tradition of story telling and it was an important trading post. There was also a popular song about an “express” that you can ride to get there.






  1. Judy

    I love traveling with you on your great adventure! Thank you —

  2. Kathy Richardson

    Are you going to Marrakesh (sp?) on the Marrakesh Express?

    If only our American students could see how little so many students around the world have and be grateful for the things they have. And not only be grateful but actually use all they have to the utmost.

    • You got it…no surprise! It was wonderful and I will blog later. Can’t wait to tell you all about it in person.

      Sent from my iPod

  3. John

    Kathy beat me to it…..LOL

    • That’s right! It is an amazing place. Will share on the blog after a much needed shower and rest!

      Sent from my iPod

  4. Lori Rosa

    Has to be Marrakech. These children are so cute, can you bring a couple home?

    • Only if you are Muslim. But the “administration” that provides care for them is in desperate need of funding. Our teacher is the president and this home takes in disabled children who have been left on the street and they provide a home and medical care. The boy I was holding is blind. He has already had two surgeries and can now see movement and shadows. They are hoping to do more surgeries so that he can regain more of his sight. They have provided children with cochlear implants, cleft palate surgeries, etc. but these children will never be adopted nor will they ever be able to care for themselves. No one knows what will happen to them as they got older because there are no homes for such people. They end up on the street begging. Heartbreaking because they just want to be loved by someone.

      Sent from my iPod

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