Au Revoir, Morocco

Well it is 3 am and we are about to begin out journey home. It has been an incredible two weeks full of many memorable, eye opening wonderful moments.
Our final day was spent discussing our varied teaching experiences and examine how we can use what we have learned in our classes. The Moroccan students are do very excited about making connections with American students. I hope that we will have students at home who feel the same way and teachers who can make that happen.
Later we travelled to an archeological site called Chellah which was built before 100 AD and was later used by the Romans. Being at a place that old certainly reminds us that we are here for a just a millisecond of time. It is a humbling experience.
Thank you Morocco for this wonderous, magical adventure. You are a rugged, mysterious, beautiful, hospitable, lovely country and it has been a pleasure getting to know you. I hope that for those of you who have travelled with me, you have been able to get a small flavor of this amazing place.




  1. Stephanie – When you receive this you will be state-side! Looking forward to hearing more!



  2. Suzanne Lavoie

    What a wonderful experience.

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