And Away I Go!

So I am finally here at the airport beginning my marathon travel day… I expect to get a lot of reading done.




Well I have the iPod and since this gadget is completely foreign to me, I thought I had better practice.

I am down to one week before my trip but have so much to do. We are heading to Binghamton to take care of some of the minor tasks…clothing, etc. Then the week will be spent deciding what my students will do while I am gone and trying to finalize what my essential research question will be during this adventure.

Several students have been working very hard to make a video for me to share with the Moroccan students and give them a look into life in Walton. I am hoping it will dispel some stereotypes regarding schools in America. We shall see.

This program has already changed my perspective on education and what we should be doing in our classes. I am excited to learn more and to continue growing as a professional in this ever changing field. Thank you to everyone involved with making this opportunity possible!

Getting Ready!

Can’t believe the trip is three weeks away.  This week I learned that after spending several days in the capital, Rabat, I will be paired up with another science teacher from Wyoming and that we will be working at the Hassam II school in Beni Mallal, Morocco.    The teacher we will work with teaches English and has hosted American teachers before.  I am looking forward to meeting her.  We have a tentative agenda for the trip which includes many speakers and a day in Casablanca but nothing is firm as of yet.

Last evening a dear friend gave me a CD of Moroccan music that I am enjoying and had a Moroccan dinner for me.  It was wonderful and if the food in Morocco is as good as hers, losing weight won’t be happening.

I have been trying to practice my French as I know I have no shot at Arabic.  Most people will speak English so that is a bit comforting but still there is so much to get ready.  I will definately be buying a better quality camera and the school is giving me an IPod to use to help record my many adventures.

I am looking forward to sharing this adventure with all of you!

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